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Hello Japan, We are fall in love this country. It’s start from frequently travel to Japan and meet amazing goods from Japan, beautiful, powerful, charming and lovely items. At the beginning, we are collected more and more charms from Temples and Shrines around Japan. My Japanese friends help me to make business, we are so proud to offer quality products and resonable price to our customers.


Japan have old history for a long time and well known as modern and powerful country. The temples and shrine of Japan have beautiful lucky charms, known as Omamori. Omamori can be found in both shrines and temples around the Japan, in the shape of small amulet in a small bag. At first time, I can not read kanji on omamori , I don’t know the meaning, just know only beautiful and powerful amulets.  I love them like first love, I start to collect and learn meaning on Omamori. You will found miracle and happiness with them.


We make business with my japanese friends, we can buy goods in wholesale market, high quality and resaonable price. We can offer the best price and have stock prompt shipment to worldwide.


Jpanese-Omamori Logo

Our logo, in Japanese call  “Okame”. This is Japanese Mask has two names, Otafuku and Okame. Otafuku literally means “Much Good Fortune”, and Okame means “Tortoise”, also a lucky symbol for long life. Otafuku represents a lovely, always smiling Japanese woman who brings happiness and good fortune to any man she marries. She is also known as the Goddess of Mirth.


Japan Expo
Siam Palagon

Every year เรามีการจัดแสดงสินค้าที่งาน “Japan Expo” ซึ่งเป็นงานแสดงเกี่ยวกับผู้สนใจในญี่ปุ่น บลา บลา บลา

Inter. Exhibition

Every year เรามีการจัดแสดงสินค้าที่งาน “Japan Expo” ซึ่งเป็นงานแสดงเกี่ยวกับผู้สนใจในญี่ปุ่น บลา บลา บลา

Central Dep.

ในทุกเดือน เรามีการจัดแสดงสินค้าญี่ปุ่นในห้างสรรพสินค้าขั่นนำของกรุงเทพฯ  ซึ่งเป็นงานแสดงเกี่ยวกับผู้สนใจในญี่ปุ่น บลา บลา บลา

The Mall Dep.

เรามีการจัดแสดงสินค้าญี่ปุ่นในห้างสรรพสินค้าขั่นนำของกรุงเทพฯ  ซึ่งเป็นงานแสดงเกี่ยวกับผู้สนใจในญี่ปุ่น บลา บลา บลา

Our Team

We will introduce our staff and team at Japanese-Omamori.com. We are only two in our company.  it’s very small but cool feeling. And Slowly creating these with the intention. Both of us love traveling in Japan very much. Even though we are not Japanese , Can not speak Japanese But I love Japan as well as Japanese people. I have many japanese friends that I love, Japanese person who always helps me. Trust us. We build business with myheart.

Thank you very much for your support.

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