A Omamori has soul. You must bring soul to the omamori.

Everything on this planet
inherently pairs up.
If you paired with the any omamori .
No matter where it is hidden.
At last, you will find your soul OMAMORI.

Victory Omamori from Kumano Hayatama Taisha

What is Omamori

Omamori is a Japanese amulet, Japan Lucky Charm or talisman that is commonly sold at Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. These amulets are often associated with good luck, protection, and various aspects of well-being. They are typically made of paper or fabric and encased in a brocade or cloth pouch, with a small charm or written prayer inside. People carry omamori with them or attach them to their belongings to seek blessings or protection.

Types of Omamori

Omamori ( Japan lucky charm ) comes in various forms, each catering to specific needs and desires. Religious Omamori are often associated with Shinto and Buddhist shrines, each having its unique rituals and symbolism. Shinto Omamori may focus on purity and spiritual well-being, while Buddhist counterparts might aim at providing guidance and enlightenment.

Collecting Omamori

For enthusiasts, collecting Omamori ( Japan lucky charm ) becomes a rewarding hobby. The diversity of designs, materials, and the stories behind each amulet make it a fascinating pursuit. Rare and unique Omamori items hold special value, creating a niche market for collectors and connoisseurs.

This is our blog. It has content about superstitions, luck, health, finances, amulets, travel, Omamori and visiting various temples and shrines arround Japan. Travel experience including a few tips related to Japanese culture. which we intend to mention

Our journey has been many. Most of our travels are to collect and find the Omamori we want. You can follow and read these articles. And I will try to write even though my English is not good. But I’ll try Ganbatte imasu!! 頑張っています!!


Matching your omamori with photo
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About US

We are fall in love this country. It’s start from travel to Japan and found Omamori lucky charm and many amazing products from Japan. They’re very beautiful, powerful, charming and lovely items. At the beginning, we are collected more and more charms from Temples and Shrines around Japan.

I’m actually in Thailand. But I still travel to Japan. for annual vacation travel and for business. I received support about these information from my Japanese friends who living in Thailand. So you don’t have to wonder why ” Japanese Omamori ” is shipped from Thailand. And will it be genuine or not?

We are so proud to offer 100% authentic omamori from Japan , quality products from Japan with resonable price to you.