Autumn leaves at Chuson-ji Temple

Chūson-ji (中尊寺) is a Buddhist temple in the town of Hiraizumi in southern Iwate Prefecture, Japan.

Chuson-ji was built by Kiyohira, the first head of the 12th century Oshu Fujiwara dynasty. After the downfall of the Fujiwara, all of the original temple structures were lost to fires or natural wear over the centuries, save the renowned Golden Hall. Both an altar of warship and a tomb, the remains of Hiraizumi’s rulers, the Fujiwara lords, are interred within. Chuson-ji and the Golden Hall were even immortalized in poem by the 17th century traveling poet, Matsuo Basho.  “Have the summer rains come and gone, sparing the Hall of Light?” Many celebrated works of Buddhist art and historical artifacts are exhibited in the temple’s Sankozo Museum.

Chusonji Temple
Chuson-ji Temple
Raining and autumn leaves
Chuson-ji Temple Map
Access by Loop Bus

Major Stops−Hiraizumi Station > Mōtsū-ji > Chūson-ji > Takadachi Gikeidō (Yoshitsune Hall) > Yanagi no Gosho Museum > Hiraizumi Station
Price / adults:140 yen a ride, 400 yen for a 1-day pass; children: 70 yen
Season / Spring-Fall *Irregular off days

Open Time and Fee

Hours : 8:30 to 17:00 (until 16:30 from November 4 through February); admission ends 10 minutes before closing time.
Closing : No closing days
Fees : 800 yen (Konjikido and Treasure Hall)

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